How Does Mobile Bidding Work?

Mobile Bidding is a completely paperless bidding tool that electronically collects bids, bidder information and manages check-in and check-out. ClickBid provides great value by increasing the ability to bid and eliminating: the need for calculations of bidder totals, long lines at item tables, and clogged check-in and check-out areas. By storing all the bid data in real-time over a wireless network, ClickBid allows for instant and seamless data retrieval and sharing from any connected computer.

Real World Example – Check In

Auction Check In

A guest arrives at your event.  They approach check-in and a volunteer asks for their last name which they enter on the screen. The next page pulls up a list of guests matching the last name provided and the volunteer identifies the correct guest. A bidder number shows next to their name;  they tell the guest and write it on a pre-printed auction program. The volunteer clicks the name of the guest, updates any contact information needed and clicks a link labeled “Check in User”. “I have just sent you a text message with a custom link to log you into our bidding system” they tell the guest. The guest walks into the event gallery to begin bidding.   Now the organization can quickly determine who actually attended the event thanks to ClickBid’s easy check-in system.

Real World Example – Bidding

Auction Bidding

All your event guests will have received their bidder number at check-in and now they are ready to bid. Having clicked the link from their check in text message, a screen appears showing their name as confirmation. Next, they arrive on the ClickBid home screen, allowing them to search items by item number, keyword or by category as well as checking their bids. Bidding on an item is quick and simple. Having found the item they want to bid on, the next screen shows a picture, title, description, current high bid, time left and a box for a new bid amount. After confirming a new bid amount a congratulations screen that informs them of their new high bid.

If the guest is curious to know how many items they are winning (or which ones to bid higher on) they can click on “My  Bids” and a list appears. Links to each item appear on screen to easily return to the details page of that item if they need to increase their bid.  Outbid items are highlighted in red so they quickly know which items need their attention.

Real World Example – Check Out

Auction Check Out

When ClickBid automatically closes the auction, the system instantly totals winners and allows volunteers to generate printed receipts (if desired), collect credit card numbers (256 bit encryption) and lists winning items for your runners. ClickBid can also be configured to allow guests to check out from their mobile device.  Each guest’s check out time is greatly reduced and the whole process streamlined for a great guest experience.