ClickBid – Our History

Learn how ClickBid has gone from a single event in 2002 to over 1,000 events in 2015.

ClickBid’s First Gala Event

October 26, 2002

ClickBid’s First Gala Event

ClickBid has our first electronic auction. Mobile is still years away so our “tech” solution consists of desktop computers, kiosks, mice, keyboards and projected leaderboards….

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Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce Mackinac Island Summit

June 3, 2003

ClickBid (as QuickBid) conducts 1 of 3 annual silent auction events for Detroit Chamber of Commerce. This is a three day event at the Grand…

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Assocation of Fundraising Professionals Tradeshow

August 11, 2003

ClickBid (as QuickBid) attends Association of Fundraising Professionals Conference in Toronto. We are the only exhibitor in the electronic silent auction space. Our biggest challenge…

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Alzheimer’s Association in Detroit

November 15, 2003

ClickBid (as QuickBid) conducts a silent auction in the Neiman Marcus anchor store in Woodfield Mall in Detroit. Covering 3 stories, ClickBid builds and manages…

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Home Repair Services

October 23, 2004

ClickBid conducts the first of 6 years worth of events for Grand Rapids, MI based Home Repair Services. ClickBid is able to bring pricing down to…

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QuickBid Becomes ClickBid

January 1, 2005

ClickBid is born out of completely redesigned code. Originally, QuickBid was a partnership with a non-profit organization to help build the best possible combination of…

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Growing and Pricing

January 1, 2006

ClickBid completes our re-write, admin backoffice and pricing. Now, as a fixed pricing model, we can provide consistent service through a one-cost solution. Each event…

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ClickBid In Your Hand

October 18, 2008

ClickBid begins to use iPod Touch technology at events. Available for a rental fee, these devices are the first step in what will ultimately become…

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Reaching Out

June 13, 2009

ClickBid begins to expand our reach to Colorado and a small private school finds us online. Up until this point, ClickBid is a per-event product…

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ClickBid Software Rewrite

January 1, 2010

Based on the success of the iPod Touch device bidding, ClickBid is once again re-written to accommodate smaller devices. One version is used to run…

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We’re Off to the Races

June 1, 2010

Now is our time. iPods are ordered, a marketing website is created, an LLC is registered and the once freelance project has matured into a…

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Moving Along

January 10, 2011

ClickBid integrates with the popular PayPal payment processing system. Guests wish to pay online and mobile payments are still a bit off but the time…

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In Neon Lights

December 3, 2011

We’ve proved the concept. ClickBid is a growing entity. From the idea of a young programmer to over 30 events, ClickBid has proven itself as…

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New Staff

February 1, 2012

ClickBid is growing. After the success of Trevor Live and new sales inquiries, ClickBid brings on a new sales person, on-site support tech and accountant….

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New Partnership

June 1, 2012

ClickBid takes on a partner Tom Huneke from Detroit. Tom leaves a Detroit based private school where he helped fundraise and manage the annual gala…

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It’s Magic

September 15, 2012

As we continue to acquire new business an NBA team joins our list of great clients. The Orlando Magic hire ClickBid to conduct a golf…

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ClickBid 3.7 & The Cloud

January 1, 2013

ClickBid releases it’s newest version 3.7 and moves all hosting to cloud based services. This new version focuses on speed and mobile bidding support. Unlike…

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Dedicated Customer Support

August 1, 2013

ClickBid launches Dedicated Customer Support. We know that software makes life easier but often times the transition can be bumpy. To provide more than just…

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Exploding Growth

December 1, 2013

ClickBid’s new mobile bidding model is working. By the end of 2013 we have seen over 250% growth from 2012! New customers include The Greenwich…

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A New Partnership

January 1, 2014

ClickBid secures a relationship with industry giant Greater Giving (a division of Global Payments Inc). By providing mobile bidding as a service, ClickBid has tripled…

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July 1, 2014

Since 2005, founder Matthew Burnell has dreamed of a day when an event could buy mobile bidding for $500. We have reached that goal. Now,…

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Nose to the Grindstone

December 1, 2014

By the end of 2014 ClickBid has become one of the largest providers of mobile bidding services in the industry. That’s no small task considering…

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ClickBid 4.0

January 1, 2015

In possibly the biggest step forward for ClickBid, we launched the fully re-written ClickBid 4.0. A faster, more comprehensive platform that gives guests the easiest…

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New Event Record

April 1, 2015

In April of 2015 ClickBid successfully handles 40 events in a single weekend! From New York to Denver to Hawaii, ClickBid is used on a…

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September 1, 2015 and ClickBid 4.0 become one. ClickBid 4.2 is the combination of our flagship software that has proven itself to raise more money and our…

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