Mobile Auction Check-in and Check-out

Auction Check-in

One of the most frustrating elements of an event is check-in and check-out. Over our 15 years of conducting events, we have seen many variations to simplify the experience so guests enter and leave happy. All our support advisors are equipped to help you style yours efficiently. If you’re handing out bidder paddles we have a plan for that. We even have a plan to eliminate check-in altogether – check-out too for that matter.

Auction Check-out

Make sure your customers are happy your online mobile auction Check-in and Check-Out

ClickBid has spent years building a set of best practices to help you shape a successful auction. We’ve learned that though each event is unique, similarities and strategies exist that can help you wrap a bow around a clean and simple experience for your guests. Best of all, we can make it so simple that you don’t need to hire an army of on-site support to make it happen. Saving money is as good as raising it.

Easy to Use Mobile Auction/Mobile Bidding Software is the Key to a Successful Auction